I can now eject JAMMED PS3 DISCS!

We receive in hundreds of gaming consoles every year, and while 99% of these arrive in perfect order, we do occasionally discover some hidden faults. One fault I discovered some years ago in a PS3 Slim Console was a faulty Eject Mechanism. The disc would simply not eject, no matter how many times I tried ejecting manually and through the controller. I could hear the telltale whirring of the internal eject mechanism heaving to spit the disc out, but that was as far as it got. I assumed that all such discs could only be retrieved by paying a technician to disassemble and extract the disc from inside. Thankfully, I discovered a wee trick to eject the discs myself (without opening the console up), and it worked every time.

The trick requires nothing more than another game disc, or anything thin enough to slide easily into the disc slot (e.g. a playing card).

The only skill required is timing. While pressing the eject button manually on the PS3 console,, half-slide another disc (or playing card etc) into the disc slot, but DO NOT LET THIS GO.

While the PS3 is trying to eject the jammed disc, gently lift the disc or card you are gripping tightly in your hand and……..THE JAMMED DISC WILL EJECT!

This works with games, movies, and music CDs, and it saves the considerable risk of damaging the console for those who were contemplating opening it up without the technical know-how to do so (best leave this to a technician).

The Jak & Daxter Trilogy and NIER are handy editions to have back on the shelf, but this technique has also unearthed The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy, Black Ops 2, Skate 3, and numerous other PS3 favs! This method is a temporary fix only, effective for extracting your long lost favourite game, but something we wouldn’t recommend as a permanent solution.

If your PS3 Console continues to have eject issues, please consult a trained technician. We recommend Lounge Lizard Computers, Christchurch.

I hope this makes some despondent gamers out there happy, especially those without ready access to specialist gaming repair services.

Game on! E noho rā.



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