Witcher Way: Your Ticket to Another World


A review by Renee@Moviestar1963.

Since Season 2 of the Witcher Series is coming soon to Netflix (December 17th – not long now!), I
figured that I’d talk about the video game that inspired the TV series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
When I came across this game in the store, the thing that first caught my eye was the medieval
fantasy theme. A quick glance at the blurb and striking cover art had me sold: this was going to
be an interesting world to explore. As if I needed any more convincing, my copy was the much
lauded Game of the Year Edition (GOTY), with the signature award winning banner glimmering
across the front cover. The GOTY Edition’s impressive accolades include awards for best
storytelling, best visual design, best gaming moments and so much more. The game actually
continued winning awards for more than two years after its initial launch! Now let’s consider that
before purchasing the Witcher 3, I had never played any of its predecessors, nor had I seen the TV
series. So I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

The Witcher 3’s expansive story focuses on Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher (hunter of monsters and
mythical beasts) who traverses the dangerous lands in search of his adoptive daughter, Ciri.
Along the way, he encounters unique and dangerous beasts, interacts with a variety of characters,
and faces challenges that could lead to certain death. The events in this game are all based on the
player’s choices. So no one path to victory is identical to another. I find Geralt an intriguing
character, as we see the world from his point of view. A lot of NPCs often criticise him for being a
Witcher, when in fact he never had any choice in the matter. Geralt’s intentions are often
misinterpreted, prompting unfounded criticism from others. I felt natural sympathy for this
alienated and misunderstood warrior. Fortunately, Geralt does have friends and allies who can
assist him when needed.

The game takes place in a fictional Continent that is based on Slavonic mythology. The graphics
in the game are amazing; it actually feels like you are in another world! The unpredictable
environment blends with the weather and creatures that roam these hostile lands. Geralt’s journey
of exploration looks and feels frighteningly realistic. This game really encourages the player to
explore, as there are hidden treasures, monster nests with imaginative creatures, and handy
places of refuge and recuperation for Geralt. The attention to detail in this game is mindblowing,
with clues and signposts intricately hidden in books, letters, notes, and more. I truly take my hat
off to the game’s creators, and I cannot begin to imagine the time spent revising and finally
bringing together the parts that make this game so amazing.

There are some extra storylines called “Hearts of Stone” and “Blood and Wine” that expand the
game even further with new terrain, new equipment and new characters. Of course, these are
optional storylines. If you are considering playing The Witcher 3, I can give an emphatic thumbs
up, and say go for it. And, if we have another COVID-19 Lockdown (perish the thought), here’s a
chance to get out and explore. Playing The Witcher 3 is your ticket to another world. Embrace it.

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