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Authentic Original Black Case Edition in Excellent Condition & 100% Complete with Contents:: HALF-LIFE / Half Life / HalfLife for SONY PlayStation 2 / PS2. This preowned game is in superb condition and comes complete with case, cover, manual / booklet, and game disc. The faintest of superficial markings / cosmetic scratches, but these are extremely minor imperfections which do not affect game play in any way, and all other contents are sublime.


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Half-Life PlayStation 2 is an all-new experience for console gamers featuring a complete next-generation upgrade of the original ground-breaking game as well as entirely new multiplayer cooperative and competitive bonus games set within the Half-Life universe. All new advanced technology, enhanced characters and weapons, upgraded environments and never before seen levels define Half-Life for PlayStation 2 as the most advanced and impressive Half-Life ever made.

Deep in the bowels of the Black Mesa Federal Research Facility, a decommissioned missile base, a top-secret project is underway. You are Gordon Freeman, a young research associate in the Anomalous Materials Laboratory. You have limited security clearance and no real idea of just how dangerous your job has become, until something goes horribly wrong.

Is it sabotage? An accident? Or is it something you did?

All you hear is screaming; all you see is spacetime shattering. The next thing you know, the entire Black Mesa Facility is a nightmare zone, with sirens wailing and scientists fleeing in terror from the things their co-workers have become. Hordes of creatures from the far side of the portal are pouring through rifts in the local fabric of reality. Monsters are everywhere. Madness rules.

Save the Earth? Well, maybe. But that’s a pretty low priority compared to saving your own skin.

New Multiplayer Gametypes:
* Brand new cooperative game, Half-Life: Decay.
* Battle your friends in split-screen deathmatch.
* All new skirmish mode – allows players to simulate deathmatch.

Enhanced Graphics:
* Improved characters and environments – the most visually captivating graphics to date!
* Incredible new special effects created to leverage the power of the PS2.

Additional Features:
* Terrifyingly intelligent Enemy AI that can assess threats, run in packs, and shows a distaste for suicide runs.
* New Skeletal Animation System gives monsters the most fluid and complex motion ever seen in an action game.
* Explore never-before-seen areas of Black Mesa.
* USB Mouse and Keyboard support.


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