State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (Xbox One) *MINT COMPLETE*


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RARE “Day One” Original State of Decay game in Excellent condition & 100% complete with contents: State of Decay Year One Survival Edition for Xbox One. Complete with case, cover, and game disc (no booklet was ever printed or released with this game, but the game is self-explanatory, and the instructions are readily available online).


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An ambitious zombie-survival fantasy game that offers a unique blend of open-world action, strategy and role-playing. Explore an open world full of dangers and opportunities that respond to your every decision.

  • Explore an open world full of dangers and opportunities that respond to your every decision. Recruit a community of playable survivors, each with their own unique skills and talents.
  • Design and fortify your base against the relentless hordes of the undead. Perform daring raids for food and ammunition, and do whatever it takes to live another day.


    • Re-mastered:

The original State of Decay, along with major add-ons Breakdown and Lifeline, is fully re-mastered in stunning 1080p. Improved lighting, textures and shadows bring the faded beauty of the environment to life. Animations and combat mechanics are overhauled to add a new level of intensity and action.

  • New content:
    More than you can pack into a single backpack, “State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition” has enough content to satiate new and old fans alike.
  • New Mission Type: Cleo Drop:
    Mysterious military-looking supply crates are dropping into remote areas across all maps, and their beacons seem to attract massive hordes of zombies. If you’ve got the firepower, you can pick up some of the rarest and most powerful equipment in the game.
  • New vehicles:
    The new SUV sets a new standard for durability, and it doesn’t end there — brand-new vehicle skins are distributed across all maps.
  • Unlocking Heroes, Lifeline Roster:
    Your favorite characters from “Lifeline” can now be unlocked in “Breakdown” with a new set of Challenges. Hop into the familiar boots of Hawkes, Kilo, and Vince … or take control of the previously unplayable Kelly “Sasquatch” Eldridge.
  • New weapons, Under-barrel attachments and Incendiary Ammo:
    Now if you find the right weapons, you can switch to an under-barrel grenade launcher or a masterkey shotgun on your assault rifle … or load incendiary ammunition into any shotgun, and take out crowds of zombies without even switching weapons.
  • New Music:
    Featuring 30 minutes of intense new music from award winning composer Jesper Kyd.
  • Community Improvements:
    The facility actions from ‘Lifeline’ now show up in every version of the game, including ammo-refilling and snack-making at your base. NPC Enclaves are also getting a makeover, making it easier to trade and build trust with them.


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